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    About treatment in Germany

    • Continuous quality control of all medical services and medicines,

    • high-tech equipment not older than 5 years,

    • unique scientific developments in the treatment of diseases and, thanks to this, the recovery of patients,

    • surgeries with minimal traumatization and quick rehabilitation afterwards,

    • treatment of each patient according to a complex individualized plan with the application of methods from the latest medical achievements,

    • an atmosphere of benevolence and comfort.

    • Pricing for treatment in Germany is clearly regulated and controlled by the state.

    • Every patient who comes to Germany for treatment receives high quality treatment at a relatively low price.

    • Every German specialist physician undergoes many years of training and certification in competent clinics in Europe, Germany and the USA before beginning his or her medical practice. If you want to feel that you are in the safe hands of doctors who know how and can achieve excellent results in treatment, you need to be treated in Germany.

    German clinics treat

    • cancers of various etiologies
    • neurological pathologies
    • heart and vascular disease
    • gastroenterological diseases
    • ear, throat and nose diseases
    • joint and spine diseases
    • infertility
    • lung diseases
    • women's health
    • thyroid pathology
    • diabetes mellitus of any severity
    • visual impairment and blindness
    • and many other complex diseases

    It's a successful surgical facility

    • on the spine and joints
    • for urological diseases
    • at heart
    • removal of malignant and benign tumors
    • plastic surgery on the face and body
    • eye surgery
    • on the thyroid gland
    • on hearing and respiratory organs

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      Advantages of German medicine and treatment in Germany

      World-class treatment at a price over 50% less

      Savings of more than 50% compared to the US. We are proud to organize world-class treatment to our patients from USA at a price over 50% less than in the USA. From internal medicine and high-quality surgical to diagnostic imaging and rehabilitation.

      The best medicines

      Doctors collaborate with clinical pharmacists to formulate an individualized plan and prescribe medication. Treatment in Germany means advanced pharmaceuticals, genuine medicines! Pharmacists hold conferences for doctors, where they talk about the latest drugs and their interaction with other drugs. The newest drugs with proven efficacy are prescribed.

      World-renowned doctors

      Treatment in Germany requires a high level of qualification by doctors and specialists. This is confirmed by the number of treated patients and successfully performed operations with a very low rate of complications (less than 1%). Leading German doctors have many years of practical therapeutic and scientific experience, as well as recognition in the world medical community.

      The most accurate diagnosis

      There is probably no other country where the diagnosis of diseases is carried out with such precision! High-tech diagnostics, minimally invasive, safe and maximally accurate. German doctors are able to see pathological changes at 0 stage of the disease.

      Leading doctors in Germany

      German diagnostics

      This is the first and most important stage. Depending on the disease, a particular set of tests and apparatus examinations is prescribed.

      At the initial appointment, the doctor examines the patient's medical records. This can be done both in person and remotely - the patient sends all documentation, including diagnostic materials, in advance. After that, if it is necessary to clarify some points, additional diagnostics will be prescribed.

      The results of the examination are discussed in detail with the patient and a written report is issued.


      Modern equipment

      The most informative diagnostic method is selected. And only if it does not give a complete picture, an additional study is prescribed.

      Saving time and money

      Doctors prescribe exactly the number of tests and hardware exams needed to make an accurate diagnosis.


      The latest equipment does not harm the patient. If these are radiological methods of diagnostics, the radiation exposure is many times less than in traditional X-ray machines used in the former CIS.

      Best clinics in Germany

      "Second Opinion"

      A consultation with an independent leading specialist will help you get an accurate diagnosis and the right strategy for further action!

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      Reviews of treatment in Germany


      We're very gratefulMy wife fell ill with oncology, we needed to organize treatment urgently. Maxim Rykov organized hospitalization at the university clinic in one day! We are very grateful for good specialists who were selected for our treatment with detailed attention to the case!


      Thank you! I had a long-standing problem with my hip joint, and the doctors wanted to replace it long ago. My biggest fear was that after the replacement, I will no longer be able to do taekwondo, which I have been practicing for more than 20 years. Maxim Rykov found a sports orthopedist, who performed a great replacement surgery and I was able to return to sports! Everything went perfectly.


      AcknowledgementMy husband and I have been planning to have children for a long time, but it didn't work out. We decided to turn to Germany. Maxim Rykov selected several infertility treatment centers for us. We underwent successful treatment and now we have children! We are very happy. Thank you!


      My reviewI wanted to have a heart bypass in Russia. It was good that I was recommended to contact Maxim Rykov, he chose a leading specialist in cardiology. As a result, the diagnosis was ruled out. Treatment without surgery gives good results!


      I recommend this clinic to everyone!I got the flu a few years ago. I got a complication in my ears. I was treated with various drops prescribed by doctors. But after a while, I couldn't hear anymore. It's a terrible feeling when you can't hear. My husband immediately began to look for specialists through friends and relatives. Maxim Rykov recommended that I turn to Dr. Markus Zukfüll at the Marta-Maria Clinic. The professor is a real magician, he completely restored my hearing. I have not met such specialists anywhere else. The clinic itself is clean, and all the medical staff are very attentive.

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